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Inserts infinite heart eyed emojis…..

A few days ago, I was scrolling (stalking) P.Solek’s ig as per usual and I was laughing at the instavideo they uploaded and telling myself that I could be expecting all these funny antics on my wedding day and it got me excited.

Then I saw this post….
*gasp till my jaw hits the floor* so cantik I cannot breathe. But the first thought that came to mind when I saw that open back was H’s dad telling me to “choose your outfits carefully, cantik but sopan.” HAHAHAHAHANCUR HARAPAN. But since they will be hijab friendly means got chance la to work with that open back.

I decided to browse through the hashtag #lyndarahimforpstbr and that the previous collection was just okay okay for me and thought okay je.

As I was continually scrolling in IG, I saw Ayda Jebat’s latest post of when she wore a dress from Lynda Rahim for an episode of #DramaMaid. Cantik gila…..Screenshot_2015-07-06-11-22-45

Sidetrack: I was never a fan of malay dramas, even more when Suria’s standard drops and all it became was cheesy cheese sticks type of scripting. But I was getting hooked on Malaysian dramas bcs everything seem so natural when they do it and my current obsession is this drama. Oh Mr F. HAHAHAHA

Anyway…. so I went back to PSTBR’s IG ogle at the dress again when they uploaded this one.


Oh my goodness…. I WANT I WANT I WANT! At this point I have already decided that I want to wear  Lynda Rahim dress for my final dress. I mean I know that there is still a long way to go to our wedding and that who knows they will bring in more dresses, but for now…..this collection seems like a real winner.

I told H about wanting to wear one Royal Dahlia piece specifically from Lynda Rahim and he said “See how” HAHAHAHA IS HE JOKING?!

And as I was typing this entry, they uploaded a new photo on IG and I want to pengsan already, tergoda iman. HAHAHAHA


Haishh, okay la I want to berangan some more.

Till next time,
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DIY Wedding Invites


I promise to come back with an update right? So….here I am and let’s talk wedding invites.

I have decided to try my hand at doing my own wedding invites. I was just toying with the idea initially, thinking if it doesn’t work out I can just source out for vendors.

But in a bid to do something related to the wedding since I was stuck in limbo, I decided why the heck not haha. It can also help me save money right?

I got on Pinterest like I usually do, seeking inspiration. Just like how I got my theme inspired by the colour boards on Pinterest, I got obsessed by watercolour textures as such;

I spent days scrolling through Pin after Pin saving pinning all the textures I could find or designs of invites with watercolour effects. I even downloaded brushes and fonts which you can easily find from Google.

But the more I go through Pinterest, the more I got “inspired” and I am pinning all other designs of wedding invites.

After trying a few things, these are the few designs I came up with. Photoshop is my best friend now hahaha.

#5 invites rose gold  #6 invites gold

#8 invites gold#7 invites rose gold

#9.3.1 gold lines

Amacam, got talent or not? HAHAHA I am still in the process of trying out different things, nanti at the end of the day confirm cannot decide lulz.. I do duplicates to see how the colour of the font works out and to see which I like better. The last one is the only one that I can decide to just stick with gold.

Now, this is where I need some help from you wonderful people. If anyone has any recommendation of where I can get my cards printed and all the detailed information, can you share them with me?

In return, I share with all of you my resources okay? Hehehe. Actually it is nothing much la, with the help of Google you can find almost anything hahaha.

For brushes I usually just google them for example “watercolour brushes”,”dry brushes” and “confetti”. Youtube also has a bunch of tutorials if you need help working photoshop.

For fonts, I downloaded mine from here. Just pelan pelan paddle la to find your desired font hehehe. I usually do my research at pinterest first so I can just search for the font name.

And that is about it. Just tonnes of inspiration and imagination.

Till next time dolls.
❤ E

Wedding Sundays

Spent the weekend bustling between two weddings. One is of my mom’s cousin and one is of H’s cousin. If I could split myself into two, I would have used that power then HAHA.

I can’t believe that I actually forgot about mom’s cousin’s wedding given the fact that we move our BKK trip because of it HAHAHA kental habis. So on Friday I attended H’s cousin’s solemnization at night, Saturday went to rewang and Sunday went to attend both functions. Thank god for H who was willing to shuttle me back and forth.

So imagine me dgn a skirt that is so kembang naik drz HAHAHAHA so unglamorous but what the heck as long as make up is on point, that is all that matters. Priorities I senget sikit LOL.

My grandmother on the other hand wants me to recce and taste the food from the caterer my mum’s cousin took because she is so keen on them. But honestly, they were a disappointment. The food was either too sweet or too bland. Their desserts was okay though.

Decor wise….hmm I also don’t know eh. She took an all white design which I find interesting…. Maybe she was going for a minimalist look but it would be nice if it was like Ivory or Eggshell white. Her white was so pure it felt like I was in satin overload.

In conclusion I don’t want them as my caterer, Mom also think that they are not worth it. So last night, when I was rolling in her bed with the cat, we (mom and I not the cat) did a brief research on other caterers and narrowed down to two. She wants SMR Wedding and Services and I wanted Putri. But Putri don’t do decor so most likely out la kan,

For approximately the same price as the caterer that my grandmother wants, SMR seems like the right justification. Mom loves the idea of having a variety of drinks with the sendok all HAHAHA again..priorities HAHAHA. Food wise, they are good. My cousin took them as his caterer last year and the food was amazing la and decor also not bad. There and then we dropped SMR a text and the same night I got an email from them about their packages.

Now all we have to do is bring it up to my grandmother which is a bit scary because… errr entah eh just scary la if you know what I mean. Like telling your parents you failed your exams kinda scary. Since my grandmother has expressed that she wants to pay for the bulk of catering so must ask for her permission. Nehmind, Mom boleh backing hahaha.

Now, anybody knows of there is any upcoming wedding event at expo this year?